Blow off steam 意味

blow off steam 意味, 定義, blow off steam は何か: to do or say something that helps you to get rid of strong feelings or energy: . The hair care apparatus 1 includes a steam generation part 9 having a liquid storage chamber 11 and a steam blow-off port 13 for blowing of steam evaporated inside the liquid storage chamber 11, and a lamp 7 disposed at a position at which the light is applied to the steam generation part 9, near the steam generation part 9. blow off steamの意味. もっと見る blow off steam /bləʊ ɒf stiːm/ ... Thankfully, there is a perfect place in the Chinese capital to blow off steam and relieve some of that stress — an anger room. 「Blow off (some) steam」には 「ストレスを発散する、息抜きをする」 といった意味があります。 このフレーズの由来は「蒸気機関」。 blow off steam の使い方と意味 blow off steam 余分 {よぶん} な蒸気 {じょうき} を逃 {に} がす[出す]、憂さ[鬱憤 {うっぷん} ]を晴らす、ストレスを解消 {かいしょう} する、怒りをあらわにする