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Andy Microsoft Passport in Windows 10 Two-factor authentication: Three of the PC’s I maintane are owned by persons in thier 90’s [96 -94 & 91] 2 x … If anyone else needs to disable the Microsoft Passport for Work or required pin when adding a work account as the user in Windows 10, here's what i did: Open the Local Group Policy Editor. Using Windows Hello, you can log onto your Windows 10 devices with just a look or a touch if your device is equipped with compatible hardware.

We use Google Apps for our productivity applications and use Microsoft Windows workstations joined to AD environment.

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What is Microsoft Passport? We are a small Microsoft shop with various applications from other vendors. If users of a Windows 10 device use Active Directory or Azure Active Directory to authenticate the password, smart card or virtual smart card can be replaced for Microsoft Password. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Microsoft Passport for Work

We run PKI using Microsoft Enterprise CAs.

When a device is setup for work, users can access securely and under compliance, apps, services and data using their work accounts (i.e. Instead of entering a password, the computer asks for biometric input (facial recognition, fingerprint etc…).

Windows Passport for Work I am looking to find some information on Internet to implement Microsoft Passport for Work for Enterprises.

Microsoft has added support for Microsoft Passport for Work as an alternative sign-in method for Windows 10 users. Microsoft has resurrected the Passport moniker for a new PKI credential system that requires multi-factor authentication.Most interesting about Microsoft Passport is that it fully supports the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance standards which means it will work with many web/cloud services without modification. The following image depicts how Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport work together to authenticate a user to Office 365: The user attempts to login to ( unlock ) the local computer. The Microsoft Passport for Work feature for Windows 10 Enterprise will help you to securely log onto your PC and enjoy simplified sign on to on premise and cloud resources without using a password.

This article will detail how to use Microsoft Passport in Windows 10, including what Microsoft Passport is, a little about how it works, prerequisites and implementation of Microsoft Passport in your organization.

… Continue reading → Posted in Azure AD Join , Device Conditional Access , Device Registration , Domain Join , Microsoft Passport for Work , On-premises Active Directory | 23 Comments Microsoft Passport is a user authentication measure new to Windows 10 and is the response to the user privacy issue mentioned above.